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That's not fair! You're the one attacking us with a Remote Stand that can cover friggin' Shibuya! You and your creepy, ugly bugs can bite my ass! We're at an impasse now… your Stand isn't a match against us now, and we can't find you… there's no point in fighting! You can only keep it up for so long… And then, you'll get tired. You hurt bugs and mocked me about it… just like all you humans always do! Every time I wanna believe in you worthless things, I regret it! My dreams are right in my grasp, but if I fail… If I can't prove I'm worth keeping around she'll just throw me away like everyone else!

People can see preserved insects, and insects are breeded and researched as well!

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Translating War

I want to make an insectarium… one with every insect in the world! Where people will come to admire and respect them, and the ultimate paradise for entomologists where they can observe beautiful bugs and learn more about them! A shut-in like me has no chance of ever amassing the funds for it… but with the arrow all that will change! I'll make a beautiful place where people don't want to hurt insects, but appreciate them!

It doesn't matter how long the pursuit is I'm gonna win, do you understand me!? I'll win! If only I was by myself, Center of the Ring would be really useful here! They had made their way back to the streets, bolting past other pedestrians on the sidewalk, ignoring the few who yelled at them.

And Kotori's Stand can blow them away! That includes her family… if only we could call her somehow. There's got to be payphones somewhere! Wait… the arcade! There's one in the arcade where we were trying to determine who the center should be! If we call a taxi it'll just put the driver in danger! But Nico shook her head. Let's fight assuming she can't heal us again! They're homing onto us with it… if only Kotori's Stand had healed it! We should still contact Honoka… but… I have an idea, but I don't know if it'll work!

That's way worse than cutting off one little part! We need to make a choice… You're our eldest and you've been a Stand user longer, president! So, it's your choice!

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What could Honoka really do? She could destroy more bugs, but she couldn't actually help them track down the user. She bit her lip, weighing her options. We'll cut off our bites! And from there, we'll retreat! Kotori… if this doesn't work…" "… Then we lose, we won't stand a chance in another contained space," Kotori said bluntly, facing the other two. We need to do something!

What would you say, papa? Kotori asked herself, charging forward. Everyone was counting on her strategy to work.

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Am I messing up? Am I putting everyone in danger? The doubt wracked her mind once more. There was only so much they could do given the situation. Papa, what would you say? Should I try something else? Am I risking everything for a gamble? I wish I wish you or Honoka or Umi could tell me what to do! But she shook her head, But the only path was straight ahead.

Kotori knew there was no other route, or any other good alternative. Is everything OK!? This is an emergency, sorry! Three… two… one! The pain they had just endured at the hands of the enemy Stand was several dozen times more painful of course, but the experience was still unpleasant to say in the least. Kotori-chan, your plan worked! She thinks she won— " "I disagree! The attack is over! We win by default! We should—" "Look, they're not disappearing… they're retreating! They're going back to the user, I bet! Instead of running away, I think we should follow them and confront the enemy, Kobayashi Kaori!

We should regroup and think of a strategy for the future! We know how her Stand works because she's a dumbass, so we should be in the clear! What if she's already attacking them!? Even if we know how the Stand operates… I think its in our better interest to fight her directly! We should attack her, and make sure she won't attack us again! Otherwise we'll be living in paranoia about this forever!

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But Hanayo spoke next. If we can… I'd prefer fighting directly! We need to send a message we're not cowards Maybe then they'll start backing off! And even if they don't, they'll probably stop using sneak attack tactics on us when they realize it won't work! Its like she and Kotori were completely different people with their Stands out, ready to battle. I'd rather fight the next enemies head-on instead of slimy tactics like this! Tracking them down will send that message! Let's rush forward!

Come back Tuesday, master! Alright, we're going back to- Hey! What are you doing!? Don't just touch me like that! What are you doing? With the added weight the Stand didn't appear to be able to fly very fast, slower than the bugs themselves: but she was able to keep up with her enemy. The young girl has embraced it, and seemingly so had her parents. Wealthy corporate lawyers, they had little time for things like bonding with the young girl.

Sickly since birth and nearly-blind, they were pretty happy to set up an online school option for her. Kaori didn't know what exactly 'went wrong' in her life. Was it the relentless teasing and bullying as a child? Her bitterness at being so sick? It was with insects that she found solidarity and happiness. They didn't tease or bully others. They didn't make others outcasts.

They lived to serve their colony, together. But it was life. She had come to accept it.

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If nobody cared enough to help her, why bother helping herself? If her own parents were content to fuel it simply to make their lives easier, who cared if they were critical of it? The only time Kaori had ever felt truly happy and comfortable outside of her house were at places like the insectarium at Tama Zoological Park. If nothing else though, her nana supported her. It wasn't every day her grandmother came to visit, but every time she did, her heart lit up a bit. Often when she would come she would bring little gifts; little photos of insects, articles cut out of magazines about insects, and her favorites; little candies with real insects in them!

Her parents found them revolting, but Kaori loved them The more Kaori reflected on it, those were the times the young her was happiest. It was one of the few times people treated her with respect, and who actually paid attention to her interests. Her nana found bugs rather gross, but for her granddaughter's sake, put those feelings aside to make the child feel good. Nobody else, not even her, might have shared her passions, but at least she had someone who seemed to care for her mental health and well-being.

She got into fights with her son and daughter-in-law often, and the relationship was strained, almost always because of her support for Kaori's "gross" habits.

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Eventually, Kaori recalled she stopped showing up altogether, although she would secretly call her granddaughter often. One day the calls stopped, and it would take Kaori four months to learn that her grandmother had passed on naturally in her sleep. Her family had elected not to attend the funeral. When she reflected on it, Kaori reflected that was around the time she stopped going to school as well, when her transformation into a hikkemori was finalized.

She slept, she ate, she did her online schoolwork with flying colors, and she repeated the process. Her room had become like a tomb, and she came to peace with that reality. One day she'd probably just wither away and die or something. She accepted that too. She stayed in her room all day, only leaving to microwave TV dinners before returning online. She had a strong online presence on Japanese insect forums, especially ones related to raising ants. At least there she felt happy, she could not lie when she said she felt pride that people considered her someone to go to in order to ask about help with their own home ant colonies.

It had happened one day. She wanted beef jerky. She usually simply had it delivered to her, either from the shop itself by foot or by some local highschoolers she paid to run errands to her such as bringing her video games on their release , but for some reason she wanted to leave her house. It had been the first time in nearly a year. Something inside her called out for her to leave her house, and against all odds, she did so. She did not know why, but something inside her called for her to leave her house. To make this take of buying something for herself on her own two feet.

It was somewhat scary to her, embarrassing as it was to admit. As she did, she thought of her dreams.

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Her insectarium. A place where every insect under the world could live under one roof. A dream that kept her alive, a dream that gave her reason to keep living, no matter how trite it was. She had finished her bag of jerky and was going back to buy more before an arrow had pierced her lung, collapsing to the ground in pain.

And then soon after, she appeared. You look like shit! Well… we all are after that happens to us…" Kaori whimpered in pain and agony, the tears still falling. Come on, don't cry! You look big… how old are ya? But as shitty as that was, don't be sad! You may not understand it now, but that's the best thing that's ever gonna happen to you!

Emi Suzuki! And from now on, you're an Arrow Hunter, like me! I'm, uh, Kobayashi Kaori…" " We only use our last names in our organization… except for me, anyways. Jori-chan gets really mad at me when I don't call her Yanigihori… so I guess from now on, you're Kobayashi to me! How would you feel about all your dreams coming true? Several older men made uncomfortable passes at them, but every time Emi scared them off; even punching one in the gut at one point. She had never seen someone so strong before! And eventually they passed by a small restaurant, with a wooden sign hanging above it, barely visible in the darkness of the night even with the illuminating lights from other facilities around; Yanigihori's Booze and Food.

It was the shadiest dive bar she had ever seen, and Kaori was confident that every man inside had to have been a hardened criminal just by looking at them. But at the corner sat a group of girls. They all dressed like girl delinquents, wearing masks and having dyed streaks in their hair like Emi; except their ringleader, without dyed hair or a mask. The newest awakened Stand user I don't even know what her Stand is yet, but! She withstood the arrow, so she's worth keeping around, Jori-chan! I-I was just following Emi-san Anything in the world? I'm going to obtain incredible power.

With that power, I can remake this country the way I see fit This is not some glorified gang. By being part of us, I will protect you, and if you so desire once per day I will personally give you free food and drink under this, my parent's roof," Yanigihori explained.

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  4. In return for your loyalty, I will grant you a wish. And if I cannot fulfill that wish of yours All of you too. I will go from your boss to your servant. You have my word," Yanigihori declared. Kaori went quiet, wondering if this was a dream or not. A wish? She could have a wish granted? She bit on her lip, and thoughts of her nana supporting her interests flooded back.

    I want Don't be afraid.