Chicken with Wild Rice Casserole Recipes (Family Casserole Recipes Book 14)

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This looks so comforting and hearty!

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It is perfect for a chilly day like today. Emily This literally just happened: I was looking for recipes online to save to my Recipes to Try notebook on Evernote and I Googled Chicken and Rice casserole, and saved one. Your Chicken and Rice dish was the first thing I saw. I clipped it right away. Thanks Kristin. Par baked rice? Did u mean par boiled…..

Amy It turned out great!


I just doubled the cooking time and waited until the last minutes the chicken. Sara Just thought I would share that I made this over the weekend in my Instant Pot and it turned out great! For anyone interested, I just modified to use 4. Joy I made this last night, and it was a hit!

I had a whole chicken that I needed to use, so I boiled and shredded it, and made stock, then followed the rest of the recipe as written. Ellen I made this last night and the whole family loved it! We had to cut our one year old off, as I think she ate more than me!

Mexican Chicken Casserole

I love that it made a large amount so we can have it as leftovers throughout the week as well. Lee Ann Sarah Just wanted to thank you for kicking me out of my same 10 dinners rut. I will be following your page closely from now on :. Natalie Seever Katy M. This was a big hit tonight! So comforting and tasty. My 8-yr old had seconds and asked to have the rest for breakfast tomorrow! And my husband had thirds : Thanks! I added in frozen green beans for a little […]. Karen I made this tonight using a mojo-flavored rotisserie chicken from the grocery store and it was fabulous!

Dump-and-Bake Chicken Wild Rice Casserole

Loved it! Will definitely be part of my rotation going forward. Shoua This looks delicious.

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Will definitely have to try this. I have been eating an Asian version of this since I was a kid. Instead of carrots and onions, I use lemongrass to flavor the broth when boiling the chicken, then add in soy sauce, oyster sauce, cilantro and green onions at the end. Sometimes even Sriracha. I also add in some wide rice noodles if I have any. This is my ultimate comfort food. Irene Hi with this recipe do you brown the chicken pieces first or do you put them in raw? Description One-Pot Chicken and Rice is part soup, part risotto, and wholly comforting.

Notes To avoid ending up with mush, use good quality rice - no Minute Rice, please!

Ingredients for Chicken Broccoli and Rice Casserole

Treat the family to this wholesome chicken casserole that delivers comfort while being low-fat. And you can let a slow cooker do most of the work. This flavoursome, low-fat casserole freezes really well, so why not make double and freeze half for next time. For an easy, warming family casserole on a budget, this one-pot ticks all the boxes. This French bistro classic is easy to make at home and fabulous with creamy mash or crusty bread.

You don't need a clay pot to whip up a fragrant, North Africa tagine - throw it all in a casserole dish and top with feta, mint and lemon Spicy chicken casserole with a healthy superfood side dish of protein-rich quinoa.

27 Favorite Chicken Casseroles

A rich and warming red wine chicken casserole - ideal for when it's cold and dark outside This Italian-style casserole will warm you up, and it's great value too. A healthy and low calorie chicken casserole with bacon, peas and a parsley sauce - use chicken thighs for extra flavour and juiciness. Bring a touch of Mexican flavour to your midweek meal with this low-fat, one-pan supper. This slow-cooked stew is packed with Mediterranean flavour from chorizo, olives, tomatoes and peppers. The meat will fall off the bone — mop up the sauce with bread A slow-cooked chicken casserole with Italian basil flavours that makes a perfect weekend one-pot.

This hearty stew, full of vibrant veg and warming spices, is a Hemsley sister favourite. Serve with a side of cauliflower tabbouleh as a light accompaniment. One-pots aren't just for winter, try this fresh summer version with leeks, green beans, peas, new potatoes and tender chicken thighs The classic Italian 'hunter's stew' gets a healthy makeover, with low-fat chicken breasts, prosciutto and a rich herby tomato sauce This healthy Moroccan-style one-pot can be slow-cooked and dished up at different times - ideal for busy households.

A simple midweek chicken stew with rich tomato, olive and caper sauce. Serve with rice or bread. A warming Cajun-inspired casserole with smoked bacon, peppers and okra - perfect served over rice and beans.

How to Make Chicken Wild Rice Casserole - It's Only Food w/ Chef John Politte